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Welcome to Broke Bitch Solutions!

My First Blog Post EVER

Hey blog world!

{…. It took me three hours to come up with that.}

My name is Courtney, and I’m the latest millennial to decide a blog is just what my life needs in order to be truly magical. What’s my goal for this little project? To see just exactly how many horrible puns about money and budgeting can be thrown into one little blog.

At 24 years old sometimes I look around and wonder how the heck I managed to land a job that I actually enjoy and am really proud of. Then I remember the reality of, oh yeah this job is barely covering my bills. Instead of selling my soul to a happiness-sucking cubical life job I figured why not learn to be badass at budgeting and side hustle to get where I need to be? Aaaaaandddd, I’m still working on it. But, I’m getting better and want to share what I’m doing and learning along the way with any other broke betches out there who may be desperate enough to have found themselves here.

I’d love to hear from anyone who reads this {hey Mom} to see what things could be helpful or fun topics! One thing I’m in the process of perfecting is the absolute ART of grocery shopping at this stage in my life. I’m serious it feels like a flippin science to get groceries for ONE person that are healthy~ish, under a really tight budget, doesn’t have a lot of waste AND doesn’t have a lot of repetitive meals. I can’t be alone. I’m getting pretty good at it so I can’t wait to share {subscribe if you’re interested!}.

If you’re a fellow blogger please say hello and be my friend! How am I doing so far? Leave a comment with advice, or encouragement that not every post is going to take hours and questioning if you even know how to use the english language.

That’s it for now. Peace out bitches.

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